Time Lagged

Today I have had time lag.

Shangai Customs House - Bund - Daylight Saving Time - Shanghai, ChinaI just feel like I am jet lagged.

Westin Prince Toronto Canada - Flower Clock - Fall Colors - Floral ClockThe combination of the time change, allergies and stress from working with rescheduling courses due to current events is taking a toll.

United 787, Zurich, SwitzerlandI have postponed my next wandering, but have not yet cancelled the flight. We have been waiting to see if exemptions will be made on re-booking the flight, and the wait has saved a bit of money. New exemptions will be in place tomorrow and I will be able to cancel the flight and not have to pay a fee when making a new booking.

White Blossoms - Spring Trees - Pear Tree Blossoms - California SpringThe allergies will hopefully be getting better soon as the blossom season is starting to come to an end.

Orchard Sunset - Almond Orchard - Bee Hives - Sunset Orchard - White BlossomsMost of the almond orchards in the area are moving past the blossom stage and this will be a big help for my allergies.

Now to get some sleep. I fell asleep watching Jeopardy! earlier this evening and am not tired at the moment. I hope I can fall asleep.

Hopefully Daylight Saving Time will soon go away. It is possible in the next couple years as different legislation is being proposed.



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1 Response to Time Lagged

  1. Pastor Cathy says:

    Sure you will make the time worth it.

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