No Post – Windows Updating II

Windows is updating tonight, so the post I had planned to write will not appear tonight. 

Well, the update went a bit quicker than I thought it would. The screenshot above is from an older post from a year ago when an update took a long time.

See: No Post – Windows Updating

When I did the quick post above from my iPad it was only at 5%, but now is complete.

I had been looking for some pictures for a post and the computer was really slow, so I thought why not restart the computer. It had been quite some time since the last reboot. Then the Windows Update started, and I waited and waited and gave up 🙂

Hopefully tomorrow I will have a good post for you to enjoy.


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1 Response to No Post – Windows Updating II

  1. With older computers those Windows updates can really be a horrible thing consuming a lot of time, first to download and afterwards again using lots of time to install it. I must say with my new computer and Windows 10 from last Summer 2019 it goes much quicker, having a much faster laptop now with a new harddisk (SD?).

    I can imagine how frustrating it can be.

    In case we had not so many Bible software which can run only on windows, for sure we would already long ago have gone to Apple. For our handy tablets we chose I-Pad, were there are not so many updates on, and which seems to have fewer problems.

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