What is Constantinople?

I was watching Jeopardy! tonight and knew the question to one of the answers that no one rang in on. I don’t remember the specific wording of the answer, but is was about which city walls was a big gun used on. The category was something like ‘500 Years Ago” so I knew the question.

istanbul, Turkey, Thomas F. Madden, CrossroadsLast November I had read Istanbul: City of Majesty at the Crossroads of the World by Thomas F. Madden.

I remembered reading about the siege of the city and that big guns had been used against it, so my answer was Constantinople.

Why not Istanbul? Because it was known as Constantinople at that time.

It always give me a little thrill when I know the question and none of the contestants do. Especially if it is for $2,000.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Shopping, Cultural, TurkeyOf course now I am thinking about Istanbul and places like the Grand Bazaar.

Scarves - Grand Bazaar - Istanbul - ShoppingVisiting the Grand Bazaar was definitely an experience. I really enjoyed the colors, sounds and smells as I walked around and visited the shops.

Hagia Sofia, Mosque, Church, Museum, Istanbul, TurkeyI also enjoyed visiting the Hagia Sophia.

Hagia Sofia - Church, Mosque, Museum, Istanbul, TurkeyI could have spent much more time wandering around in the Hagia Sophia.

Someday I really should go back to Istanbul and spend more time there.

Especially since I know much more of the history of this city that is at the Crossroads of the World.


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