Northern Italy

Thinking of Northern Italy tonight as I was reading earlier today about where in Italy the coronavirus was spreading.

Milan Italy, Duomo, Milan CathedralOne of the places is Milan. I have visited Milan several times over the years for work so it was sad to see some of the places I had seen show up in images. One of the most iconic structures in Milan is the Duomo.

Milan, Italy, Duomo, Square, PatternsI took this picture of the Duomo Square from the top of the church building. I have read that the Duomo is closed because of the spreading virus.

Porta Sempione, Parco Sempione, Milan, Italy, City ParkMilan also has some beautiful parks like this one known as Sempione.

I a sure that the parks have been mostly empty during the last few days as people isolate themselves.

Lake Como, houses, shore, ItalyIt has been a very long time since I visited Lake Como. One of the cases comes from the city of Como which is at the entrance to the lake. This picture is from Varenna which is further up the lake.

Varenna, Lake Como, Italy, VillasHere is another picture of Varenna. It is very picturesque.

Cases are spread across the Lombardy and Veneto regions. They are looking for patterns of transmission and trying to isolate people who may be exposed. However, they still do not have clear results and many public events are being cancelled and schools are being closed down. Sporting events are also being cancelled. I read about a fashion show where they did not allow anyone to attend. Instead, the fashion show was streamed on the internet.

I am also thinking about colleagues in Italy as well as South Korea and China. I hope that they are all safe.



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