87 Years Ago

I decided tonight to look back through history for something that happened on February 26.

Golden Gate, 2000, 18 years ago, disk cameraOne thing that caught my eye was that February 26, 1933 was the groundbreaking for the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Fort Point, SightseeingThe ground work for the anchorages started earlier in January  5, 1933. Official groundbreaking will often take place after construction starts on a project, so that was not surprising.

I was surprised as to how quick the bridge was built. The bridge opened to foot traffic on May 27, 1937. Just a little over four years was needed to build this iconic bridge.

Fort Point, San Francisco, Golden Gate, Civil War, Castillo de San JoaquinOver the years I have seen the Golden Gate Bridge from different vantage points. This shot is from Fort Point.

Golden Gate Bridge, UA 747, Upper Deck, Overhead shotsOf course, I have also see the bridge from above. However, even though I have flown over the bridge many times I rarely see it as I don’t often sit in a window seat.

Alcatraz Power House - Golden Gate Bridge - Sunset on San Francisco BayThis picture is one my favorites. I took it during a cruise for a friend’s birthday. Although the Golden Gate Bridge is not the focus of the picture, it looms in the background and reminds me that it can be seen from many places around the bay.

I need to find more of the pictures I have taken over the years. These were just some that have been used in previous posts.


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