Full Moon

Tonight there was a nice big full moon.

Full Moon, Lachish, Israel, Archaeological DigI was driving when I saw the moon, so didn’t take any pictures. However, I will share some previous moon pictures that I have taken.

Full Moon, Silhouette, Power Lines, Winter EveningI like this picture with the wires across the face of the moon.

Full Moon, Jena, Germany, Intershop Tower, WagnergasseThis picture brings back some good memories. I had just finished a wonderful meal at one of my favorite restaurants in Jena, Germany.

Shephelah, Lachish, Archaeological Dig, Full MoonThis full moon is in Israel. I took this picture during one of the archaeological digs I have been on.

Power Lines, Altamont, Full Moon, Back setThis full moon was rising as the sun set behind me during my commute home one night.

I always like seeing a full moon, especially when it is low on the horizon and looks so big.


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