Around the Sea of Galilee

Tonight I was looking for some pictures of Geshur for my class tomorrow and decided to share a few pictures from Around the Sea of Galilee.

geshur gate idol, et tel, galilee, sea of galileeHere is the stele at the gate of et-Tell, which may have been the capital of Geshur. It has also been identified as Bethsaida, but in recent years new findings have shown that a different location may be Bethsaida.

The stele is thought to depict a moon god in the shape of a bull.

Gate at Bethsaida - City GateHere are the city gates which are to the left of the stele.

sea of galilee, geshur, bethsaida, israelFrom the top of the tel you can see the Sea of Galilee in the distance. Seeing the hills in the distance made me think of some pictures that I took from them.

Sea of Galilee, Overhead view of Sea of Galilee, Poryia Youth Hostel, GalileeI really like this picture that I took from Poryia looking northeast over the Sea of Galilee.

Sea of Galilee, Sunset, Poria Youth Hostel, Red SkyI also took a picture at sunset from the same location.

Hippos, Hoppos-Sussita, Archaeological High Horse, Sea of Galilee, BARAcross the sea from Poryia is Hippos. This picture was not taken from Poryia, but you can see it from there.

Galilee Sea, Sea of Galilee, Shore of Galilee, ReedsSince I have shown pictures from three corners of the Sea of Galilee, I guess that I should share one also from the northwest corner. This picture was taken from a private beach at another hostel that we stayed in.

Now to finish my presentation. I also need to remember to remove the usb stick from the computer when I am done 🙂 Last week I discovered when I arrived at our worship place that it was still in the computer at home.


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