Lincoln’s Birthday Observed

Today was the observation day for President Lincoln’s birthday. The birthday is actually not until Wednesday.

1960 Scrapbook Clipping - Abraham LIncoln - Frank MillerLincoln was born on February 12, 1809 almost 211 years ago.

Presidents Washington and Lincoln - Presidents' Day - Marx Presidential FigurinesLincoln is my favorite President and and was also my Grandma’s favorite. I keep a little figure of him on top of my computer along with one of Washington.

They are part of a set of figurines I got from my Grandma. See: Marx Presidents

Lincoln Books, Lincoln's Birthday, Bill O'Reilly, George McGovern, President Lincoln, Gettysburg, Gore VidalI also have a tall stack of books about Abraham Lincoln. Not quite as tall as me, but getting close.

Lincoln Books, Sandburg series, biography, Lincoln's Birthday

One of my reading goals is to read the entire Carl Sandburg six volume series about Lincoln.

Mister Lincoln, Rose Bush, Red Rose, Rose BloomsI also have a Mister Lincoln rose bush in my rose garden. Every time I see it I am reminded of this great man. He may not have been liked by many in government, but he left a great legacy.




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1 Response to Lincoln’s Birthday Observed

  1. My mother sold Avon 13 years. She acquired President creations of their photos as molded heads and shoulders. I now have Washington, franklin, Lincoln, capital building, etc. Every presidents birthday, daddy would set these items on the mantel in the family room. They built our country.

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