One Extra Day this Month

Since this year is a leap year, it is a longer than normal February.

We get an extra day this month, but what day is the extra day?

Is February 29 the extra day?

Actually, the extra day is inserted between the 23rd and 24th and then the days are renumbered for the rest of the month. This all goes back to the origins of the Julian calendar.

So, what will I write on this extra day?

I really don’t have a good idea to write about so will share some of what I have posted during this longer than normal February.

Foggy Valley, Central Valley, Trees in FogI started the month with a post about it being A Foggy Time of Year.

Eric Braman - CandidateThe Iowa Elections and others this month had me thinking of when my Father ran for offices in Iowa.

I am already tired of the election season, and unfortunately it will not be over until November.

I also wrote a post To be a Farmer after the upsetting comments by Bloomberg about farmers and education.

Old Barn, Rome Wisconsin, Orsamus Braman, Family HistoryI also wrote a post Happy Birthday Laura and shared some information about when Ma and Pa, the parents of Laura Ingalls, lived near my family in Wisconsin.

Great Grandpa Braman - Wedding Picture 1911 - Ford Motor Company - Old Wedding PicturesFor Valentine’s Day I wrote a post sharing pictures of Ancestor Couples.

Lachish canaanite temple, archaeologyOne of the archaeological digs I have been on was also in the news this month and I wrote a post about Digging in a Temple.

bee hives, almond orchards, california, central valleyTo close out the month I wrote about another time of year yesterday. It is Allergy Time with all the blossoms in the orchards.

It has been a long short month, especially with the sad news about the spreading virus.

Hopefully March will a good month and we will see things get better.



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