Another New Year

New Year’s Day was just over three weeks ago, but it is time for another New Year.

Chinese New Year, Panda Express, Drink CupWe often think of tomorrow just as the Chinese New Year, but other countries and cultures also celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Panda Express, Chinese New Year, Red Packet, Chop sticks, American Chinese FoodI may have lunch or dinner at Panda Express tomorrow. I haven’t decided yet.

Korean Food, Pork Katsu, Korean New YearIf the Lunar New Year fell on a weekday I might have gone to a Korean restaurant near my office and had some Pork Katsu for the Korean New Year.

Chinese New Year Lanterns, Red Lanterns, Nanjing Road, HolidaysI have been thinking of my colleagues in China this week. Especially with the news of the virus in Wuhan. With the upcoming holiday I am sure it is really stressful for some of them, especially as they may not be as free to travel as much as usual.

Chinese New Year, New Year Tree, Paper Cuttings, Red and Yellow, ChinaTo all my friends who celebrate the Lunar New Year, I wish you a Happy New Year.


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