2020 Calendars

This year I again ordered my calendars from calendars.com. However, they didn’t arrive until today since I waited until after Christmas to order them.

calendars.com, 2020 calendars, delivery, New YearMy order this year was a bit the same, but also a bit different. Barn Calendar, calendars, 2020 calendarI like to hang a barn calendar in my office. I like to look up while I am working and see a nice picture of a barn. Seeing barns always bring back some good memories of growing up in farm and ranch country. Also, a nice memory of helping my Father tear down a barn when I was a kid.

the road home, calendar, snow man, winter scene for januaryLast year I had bought a tea themed calendar, but couldn’t find one this year. Instead I found a little calendar called The Road Home that has some nice country scenes.

This one is hanging in my kitchen where the tea calendar was last year. I really like the winter scene with a snow man for January.

National Geographic Eagle Calendar, 2020 CalendarThe National Geographic Eagle calendar is also hanging in my kitchen. It has now been at least 12 years in a row that I have been getting this calendar. Eagles have great meaning to me and it is always nice to see the images when I am preparing meals or tea in the kitchen.

I usually buy an Elephant calendar, but couldn’t find one I liked this year. However, the place on the wall where the Elephant normally hangs has been filled with a special painting. Since I couldn’t find an Elephant calendar I considered just buying three calendars. However I needed one more item to get free shipping.

1,000 books to read before you die calendar, James MustichI decided to get a 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die calendar. This is a page a day calendar, and I figured it might motivate me to read more of the books off of the list.

I have only read 357 of the books that are on the list.

fish calendar, hawaii calendar, 2020For my bathroom calendar I have a Hawaii calendar. For many years (20?) one of our service engineers has sent me a Hawaii calendar.

What calendars do you have this year?


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  1. They should be a little different. Last year was 2019 and this year is 2020. Aha

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