Thinking of Cakes

Tonight I have been watching The Great American Baking Show. I really like that this season is in the big tent in England as I really also enjoyed the seasons of The Great British Bake Off.

2nd birthday cake, ottumwa, Iowa, Lincoln streetI of course have been enjoying cake all of my life.

Wedding Cake, cake decorating, weddingsI also grew up in a house full of cakes as my Mother had a part time business decorating cakes. I remember many cakes from simple birthday cakes to wedding cakes.

Birthday Cake, 7th birthday, indian teepee cake, birthday party, ottumwa lagoon parkI had lots of interesting birthday cakes through the years.

Colorful Cake, Colored Batter, Patchwork Cake, Birthday CakeI am also thinking of other cakes like this interesting birthday cake a friend made for me when I was in Canada for my birthday.

wedding cake, weddingAnd of course I can’t help but think of this beautiful wedding cake for my Niece’s wedding.

Lots of cake memories tonight.

Now to see who the winner of the Final is for The Great American Baking Show.


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