Virtual Hike to Carlisle Township, Ohio

The next destination on my Virtual Hike involves the same family connection as my last stop.

Lorain, Carlisle, Ohio, Virtual HikeThis segment of the Virtual Hike started in Ransom Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan where my 4th Great Grandfather William Rowe lived at the time of his death in 1871. The end point was Carlisle Township, Lorain County, Ohio where the Rowe’s lived in 1850.

Carlisle township, Ohio, Lorain, mapsHere you can see where Loraine Township is in Ohio. It is in the north part of the state west of Cleveland and Akron.

Carlisle township, Ohio, Lorain, mapsI am not sure exactly where in the township that the Rowe’s lived, but you can see that there are not any towns in the township on this modern map. Today it is a rural township with not much population. I am sure that in 1850 it was mainly farms.

You can see that the map has some irregular borders. I assume that this is area that has been annexed by cities or towns that it borders.

Carlisle township, Ohio, Lorain, mapsHere you can see the city outline of Elyria and it matches the irregular border on the north side of Carlisle Township.

3rd great grandfather, Rowe Family, Genealogy, censusHere is the 1850 census record for my 3rd Great Grandfather Jeremiah Rowe. You can see that the name is spelled Row instead of Rowe. The ‘e’ comes and goes in the different records.

You can also see my 2nd Great Grandfather Solomon Rowe in the record and he is only 3/12 of a year old.

There is also an entry in Carlisle Township for William Rowe.

Another interesting thing about the census record shown above is that the Row family is living by a Braman family. This family is related to my ancestors, but not too closely. The Braman and Rowe branches of my family do not come together for another 110+ years.

carlisle reservation, Ohio, Duck Pond, Google Street ViewI looked for a nice image of Carlisle Township in Google Maps Street View. This is a view of a duck pond at Carlisle Reservation which is a nature preserve. I am sure there were views like this when my ancestors lived there.

The next destination on my Virtual Hike will be related to my Braman family.


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