Some Favorite 2019 Pictures

I struggled a bit with the title of this post, I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from this year. However, they may not be my most favorite. I am including just those that I have posted to the blog. I ended up selecting one picture from each month.

Here we go:

Foggy Valley, Central Valley, Trees in FogHere is a picture of January fog in the Central Valley. I like the silhouettes of the trees. I always like driving by these trees that line a lane to a farm house.

Red Tailed Hawk, red tail feathers, tail endThis picture is a bit out of focus, but in February I was able to capture a shot of a Red Tail Hawk flying away from me.

Bicycle, Stadium, Tokyo 2020In March I was in Tokyo and took this picture of a bicycle parked in front of the new Olympic Stadium that was under construction.

Valley Carpenter Bee, Xylocopa varipuncta, pollination, rose bushes, gold bee, snitchOne of my favorite pictures from April is of a Carpenter Bee in my rose garden.

historic stone bridge, jena germany, burgau bridgeI used this picture in my post yesterday, but it was taken in May and first used in a post then. This beautiful old bridge is in Jena, Germany.

Lachish valley, israel, sunrise, khirbet al-Ra'i, ziklagA sunrise picture at Khirbet al-Ra’i in Israel is one of my favorite pictures from June.

(Hippopotamus amphibius), hippopotamus, river horse, zoo, sao paulo zooIn July I was in Brazil and this picture of a hippopotamus is one of my favorite pictures from a visit to the zoo.

Lizard, friends, family, reptilesIn August I was visiting friends in Toronto and captured a picture of this nice little lizard.

yard work, roses, pruning, praying mantisIn September I was home and captured another creature in my rose garden. Here is a nice praying mantis.

tenderloin, zesto, pork tenderloin, sandwich, fries, teaI decided that at least one of my favorite pictures had to be of food. In October I had a nice Tenderloin sandwich at a Zesto’s in Omaha. If you have not had a tenderloin sandwich, you are missing out on some good food.

Tieguanyin, red brown tea, oolong tea, Taiwan tea, heavily roasted teaIn November I had some really good tea from Bird Pick Tea. The tea leaves from this Tiekuanyin Oolong Tea were quite interesting. I just got a sample of this tea, but will be looking for some more soon. Unfortunately this tea is not in their regular offerings, and wasn’t even supposed to be in the sampler.

leaves, frost, winter, cold, foilageA picture for December was hard to pick. I have not had a lot of time to reflect on which was my favorite and I have a lot of pictures I liked from the posts this month. However, I really do like this picture of frosty leaves that I took during a walk to work in Jena, Germany.

Which of these pictures do you like the best?


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3 Responses to Some Favorite 2019 Pictures

  1. Nice collection! I couldn’t decide between the first and last photo! đŸ™‚

  2. Laura says:

    I love the photo of the trees in the fog.

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