Back Home from Germany

It is good to be back home, but am a bit tired.

I woke up this morning with a headache and have spent most of the day at home. Just a short trip to the grocery store for essentials.

Christmas Pyramid, Ferris Wheel,WeihnachtspyramideThe trip to Germany was nice, especially with getting to visit the Christmas markets.

potatoes, pork, onionsI of course had some wonderful food on the trip, and am already missing the great breakfast buffet at the hotel.

frost, weather, cold weather, germanyThe weather was a bit frosty and cold in Germany, so good to be home for a bit warmer weather. However, that meant some yard work needed to be done. I was feeling better by late afternoon so went out and mowed my yard. It is nice to still see blooms on my rose bushes. Unfortunately, I must of got some tree sap on my finger and then rubbed my eye. The area around my eye is a bit sore tonight and a bit bothersome.

leben am toten meer, life at the dead sea, SMAC, ChemnitzOne highlight of my trip was a visit to a special display at a museum in Chemnitz, Germany. See: Life at the Dead Sea

New Car, Ford Fusion, Plug-in hybrid, Blue Car, BlueyIt was also nice to come home and see my new car in my garage.

Now for some sleep.




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