Old Holiday Cards

It is hard to believe that Christmas is next week. There has not been enough time since Thanksgiving.

Classic Christmas Card 1960 - Church Building and Parsonage on a Silent Night - Snowy Christmas SceneTonight I am a bit tired as I am still recovering from my trip to Germany. So I will share some old holiday cards that I have posted before.

The card above is one of my favorites. I like this little scene with the blue snow 🙂

Christmas Cheer - Classic Christmas Cards - 1960 - Snowy woodsI have been thinking about snow since it snowed while I was in Germany. I didn’t have to trudge through snow this deep, but have in the past.

Showmen - Holiday Card - Christmas Card - Classic Christmas CardOf course snow makes me think of snowmen. This cute card is also one of my favorites.

I was talking about snowmen with my Mom last night. She has a large collection that she puts out each year.

Snowman, Hunter, Gun, Christmas DecorationsOK, my mind is wandering now to snowmen, but couldn’t resist posting this picture. A neighbor down the street has this in his yard each year.

Snow Scene, Village in Snow, Country Snow Scene, Little Village churchSo now back to old holiday cards with another snow scene.

Now for some sleep.



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1 Response to Old Holiday Cards

  1. Our aunt used to to take the cards and re use them making new cards giving them.

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