You probably know that SFO is San Francisco International Airport, but what is QYG?

QYG is the IATA (International Air Transport Association) code for Railway Germany.

When I travel to our office in Germany I always get a ticket to QYG. With this ticket I don’t have to worry about buying train tickets to and from the airport.

SFO, San Francisco Airport, United 777, Full plane

My trip this time started with a delay. In the picture above you can see the 777 that I would be flying on to Frankfurt. You can also see that there are two catering trucks servicing the plane.

As we waited to board there was a delay and we were told that it was because of delays with loading the catering.

After about a 15 minute delay we were finally boarding. I knew it was a full flight and was watching for who would occupy the seat next to me. I was hoping for someone small, but my hopes were dashed when someone much taller than me arrived to take the seat.

International Flight, Wrong Food, catering fail, United Airlines

It was really interesting to watch people try and get bags into the overhead bins on the full flight and eventually saw about 20 or more bags head to the front of the aircraft to be checked.

There had also been additional announcements about delays due to catering while we were boarding. It seems that the catering company in Germany was going on strike on Saturday and they were loading enough food for the return flight. There were also some problems with what food was being brought on board.

Finally we departed about an hour late but with a promise to make up some of the time in flight.

Then came the meal service. Our first meal was a choice of a hamburger or a sausage. I chose a hamburger, and yes what is in the picture above was what I received. Well, it did have mustard, ketchup and mayo packets.

Midway through the flight we were given a tiny little sandwich with a package of about 15 M&Ms.

Prior to landing we were given a breakfast. I don’t remember the other choice but I had a sausage frittata that was about the size of a muffin and pretty tasteless.

Overall, probably the worst food I have had on a long international flight.  This is the type of food that you serve on a short flight for a snack, not on a long haul flight. There are  definitely different nutritional needs for a long flight where you dehydrate because of the  dry cabin air.

German Railway, Frankfurt Station, Trains

Finally we made it to Frankfurt and after picking up my bag I headed out to the train station. I just missed the train that I would normally take, but only had to wait about 90 minutes for the next one. It was a chance to get some pictures of other trains heading through the station like this regional train heading to Hanau.

ICE, DB, Erfurt, Germany Rail STation

Finally I was on the ICE train to Erfurt and was able to take a few small naps as we quickly made our way through the countryside.

Here the train has arrived at Erfurt where I made the connection on to Jena.

Goschwitz Station, Germany, Jena, German Railway

Finally I made it to the Goschwitz station in Jena which is just a short distance from my hotel.

This is the QYG for my ticket.

It was then time to wait for the street train to take me up the hill to the hotel.

Now for some breakfast after a good night of sleep.


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