Black Friday Flight

My Thanksgiving holiday is cut a bit short this year as I am flying to Germany for work.

United Airlines, SFO, Boeing 777, travel

Since Thanksgiving is so late this year it was hard to fit a two week training trip between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since Thanksgiving is not a global holiday we decided it was better to have a class the week after Thanksgiving rather than the week before Christmas.

United Airlines, 777-300ER, Boeing, 10 Across, Economy Seats

I had to fly on Friday instead of Saturday as by the time I made flight arrangements there were very few seats remaining on the Saturday flight and consequently were more expensive. The flight today is fully booked as well, but it did not fill up as quickly.

Old Blue, Airport Parking, Anza Parking, SFO

So, today Old Blue made one last trip to the airport to spend two weeks at ANZA Parking.

San Mateo Bridge, San Francisco Bay, To the AirportThere will now be only one more time over the San Mateo Bridge for Old Blue.

Clifford the Big Red Suitecase, Packing Formula, How to Pack a SuitcaseOnly one more time to load Clifford the Big Red Suitcase into Old Blue’s trunk and having to worry about the trunk lid falling on my head because of the weakened trunk springs.

It will actually be easier to get Clifford in and out of Bluey, but the suitcase will just barely fit in the trunk.

Now to relax a bit before the full flight. At least I have an aisle seat in the center section of Economy Plus.


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