Haircut Time

Tonight it was time for a haircut. My hair has been getting a bit unmanageable and quite wavy.

The Look, Tracy, California, Haircut, salonI get my hair cut at The Look in downtown Tracy. Of course, tonight it was dark by the time I got my haircut. This is a picture from an earlier post.

Haircut, flannel shirt, red and black flannel, beard, wavy hairI was early for my appointment so had brought a book with me. There was a little more delay so I sat and enjoyed my book while listening to the others talk. There were some lively discussions going on.

hair cut, lots of hair, I have been getting my hair cut by the same person for about 15 years now. She does a great job and I always enjoy talking with her as she cuts my hair.

salon, hair cut, cut hair, mess on floorSince I only get my hair cut about every three months there is always a lot of hair clippings on the floor when we are done.

after hair cut, short hair, no more waves in hairMy hair is much shorter now. However, it should be at a good length by the time of my trip to Germany next month. It will be much colder there so want to have some good insulation up top.

Now I need to trim the beard a bit to match the shorter length of my hair.


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