Heading Home from Canada

Today was the last day of my courses here in Canada and I am heading home.

Kingbridge Centre, teaching, training, Canada, HotelIt was time to leave the scenic grounds of the Kingbridge Centre in King City. The students had all taken and passed the test.

Parking Lot, empty parking lot, Labor Day weekendThey were all eager to get going as it was the start of a three day weekend here in Canada, just as it is back home.

The parking lot was pretty much empty as I headed out to the car to head toward my next destination.

Lizard, friends, family, reptilesMy next destination was the home of my friends. I am staying the night with them before heading on to the airport tomorrow for my flight home. They live not far from the airport.

My friends have a few reptiles and here was one of them. It was standing almost perfectly still for quite some time. It looked just like a plastic toy at first and then I saw it move.

feast, turkey, Canada, home cooked mealWhen I got to the house it smelled so good as a turkey was in the oven. They had prepared a nice home cooked meal.

holiday feast, labor day, beans, corn, potatoes, turkeyThere were nine of us sharing the meal. My friend John is a great cook and it is always a good experience to share a meal with his family.

Tomorrow I will fly home and will at least have Monday off to recover.


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  1. sounds like you enjoyed the meals and purpose.

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