The Spread of In-N-Out II

Three years ago I wrote a post about The Spread of In-N-Out.

This weekend I was thinking about the post as I will occasionally check the In-N-Out website to see where new locations are opening soon.

In-N-Out, Lathrop, California, BurgersTo my surprise I found that there was one opening soon in Lathrop, California. The In-N-Out under construction is only about 10 miles away from me.In-N-Out, Lathrop, Food, Fast Food, BurgersOn Sunday I needed to stop at the Target near the construction site, so decided to take a few pictures.

Hiring Soon, In-N-Out, Lathrop, ,California, MantecaYou can see that they are already accepting applications, so I am sure that it will be opening in just a few months.

In-N-Out, Lathrop, California, Distribution CenterThe new location is near the Lathrop Target and also less than a mile from the In-N-Out distribution center. You don’t have to worry about how fresh the food will be at this location.

Colorado Springs, In-N-Out, distribution Center, 2020 ColoradoThinking about the distribution center in Lathrop makes me think about the In-N-Out distribution center that is being built in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It is expected that the first In-N-Out locations will open in Colorado by the end of 2020.

However, Colorado may not be the next state to get an In-N-Out. There is still a chance that Oklahoma will have locations by then that are served by the Dallas area distribution center.


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