Some Food in Brazil

Since I am a few days into my trip and have had a few meals already, I decided that tonight I would share a few pictures.

dark bread, butter, Outback Steak House, Brazil

Finding places to eat has been a bit adventurous. I am just across from a shopping center with a lot of restaurants, but only a few are sit down places and English menus and English speaking servers are virtually non-existent.

Out back Burger, brazil Out Back, hamburger, meal, food

My first night here is Sao Paulo I had dinner at Outback Steak House as they had an English menu and also a server who spoke English. I had a nice hamburger and a loaded baked potato.

I was not so hungry on Monday night so decided to just have a slice of pizza. It was quite an ordeal trying to place an order for it. Tonight I went to another sit down restaurant and also had a hard time getting food ordered. Luckily the menu had lots of pictures and I finally just ended up pointing to what I wanted.

Breakfast, Hotel, Ibis, Interlagos, Brazil

The breakfast buffet at the hotel is at least easy to manage as I don’t need to order. I just have to grab a plate and fill it up. On the left you see a small banana. I really like these bananas. They are a bit sweeter and firmer than the larger bananas we are used to in the US.

Salmon, risotto, lunch, brazil, food

Lunch is a bit easier to manage as I have my students with me. They can help me order and make sure I get what I want. On Monday I had a nice piece of salmon with some risotto.

We so far have gone to a small food court area at a nearby university campus.

buffet lunch, brazil, sao paulo, brazil cuisine

Today for lunch I had food from a buffet. You fill up your plate and then they weigh the food. We usually see this only for salad bars in the US, so it was interesting. I did see this last time I was in Sao Paulo back in 2002, so it is not a new concept.

Now for some rest as I am still a bit jet lagged.



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