50s at the Airport

I don’t often visit the domestic terminal at SFO, but when I do I always enjoy walking through the displays from the SFO Museum on the way out to my gate.

Modern consumer, airport museum, sfo, 50's products

The current display theme is the Modern Consumer: 1950s Products and Style.

50's, Rock and Roll, records, record players

One of the display cases had record players and 45 rpm records from the beginnings of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

50s cars, SFO Museum, SFO, old cars

Of course when we think of the 50’s we also think of iconic cars.

50s toys, etch a sketch, mr. potato head, toys

Do you remember some of these toys? Some of them were still popular when I was a kid, and others I just saw when we visited older relatives.

I vividly remember getting an Etch-A-Sketch. I was in the hospital in an oxygen tent when it was given to me as a gift.

50s food packaging, velveta, skippy, packaging

This display on packaging is interesting.

Peanut butter in a metal can?

The graphics for Velveeta have been updated, but the box looks much the same.

The SPAM can looks pretty much the same.

How about that Swanson TV dinner? I remember when they were still in metal trays.

Lots of memories in these displays, even if it was a decade before me.


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