Images from Jerusalem

Today was spent in Jerusalem doing some sightseeing before heading south to the dig on Sunday morning,

The challenge is how to pick just a few pictures from the hundreds that I took.

I am also very tired, so just a few choice pictures with limited commentary tonight.

Jerusalem old quarter, spice store

Today we spent a lot of time in the Old City of Jerusalem. I really liked walking by the spice shops and the wonderful aromas that floated out of them.

scarves, mannequin heads, jerusalem There were a lot of clothing stalls and shops. In several places I saw mannequin heads displaying scarves. They always look a bit interesting.

church of the holy sepulchre, roman tombs

We did make a stop at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. I always enjoy visiting the Roman era tombs that are right close to the Edicule.

Place of the skull, 2019, erosion check

I also made a stop by The Place of the Skull? near the Garden Tomb to do an erosion check. How much further has the skull feature eroded since my last visit?

limonana, israel, drink, lemonade, mint

For dinner we ate at Versavee which is just at the entrance to our hotel. I had my favorite limonana drink along with some fish and chips.

Tomorrow morning we will pack up and head to the bus station to start a very busy week.

Now for some sleep.


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