Beginning Summer on Vacation

I spent the first day of summer traveling to Israel. The longest day of the year included a very long flight.

United Airlines, SFO, Boeing 777, travel

I flew on a packed 777 and was the smallest person in my row. It was not the most comfortable flight, but I did get a little bit of sleep.

United Airlines, 777-300ER, Boeing, 10 Across, Economy Seats

I watched a few movies, including a really cool Japanese movie about a book store and an old book. Reading subtitles kept me awake 🙂

Tel Aviv Airport, Arrivals Hall, Balloons on CeilingWe did land about 20 minutes early. There was a bit of a line at the passport check, but then I walked out and my bag had just arrived at the carousel. I was soon walking out into the arrival hall.

I then went up to the check-in area and was able to say hi to some friends who I met on my last trip to Israel.

Then it was off to the shared shuttles for a ride to Jerusalem.Imperial Hotel, Jerusalem, Jaffa GateI arrived at my Hotel after dark, but have a picture from previous trips. I am in one of the rooms on the top floor. No elevator, so it was fun lugging my suitcase up all those fights of stairs.Jacob's Pizza, Jerusalem, Non-Kosher PizzaLuckily I made it to the hotel just in time to get some pizza from Jacob’s Pizza which is right next door. The rest of our group had eaten there a bit earlier.

It was good to meet some of the other members of our team and get a good night of sleep.

Today we will explore Jerusalem and tomorrow we will head to the dig site.



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