Memories of Brazil

Today I purchased a ticket for a trip to Brazil in late July. It has been a very long time since I visited Brazil. I have only been there once way back in December 2002.

Oscar, Brazil, Sao Paulo, Memories, TrainingSome memories flooded back today from that trip long ago. Unfortunately I did not take many pictures on the trip. I am not really sure why, as thinking back there were a lot of pictures that I wish I would have taken. Perhaps it was because I was taking pictures with a camera that saved the pictures on floppy disks 🙂

One memory was of my colleague Oscar. He was in charge of our Latin America distributors and just happened to be visiting Sao Paulo at the same time. Oscar  has since retired and I really miss him.

Brazil students, Brazil, South America, TrainingSome of the students in my class were from other South American countries and a few of them I still occasionally see in our classes. They are not quite as young as in this picture.

Brazil, class, training, memoriesHere I am with the Brazilian students. We have switched from a distributor to an affiliate in Brazil, so these engineers no longer work for us.

You can see here that I have a little less white in my hair 🙂

Sau Paulo, brazil, streets, buildingsI remember driving through the streets of Sao Paulo and seeing the many high rise buildings. It will be interesting to see how they have changed over the years.

King George V, Alto Pineros,Sao Paolo, Brazil, World Cup, Hotel RoomI also remember staying in a very nice hotel in Sao Paulo, but I know I will not be at the same place as our office is in a different area of the city.

I remember some really good meals in Brazil, but don’t have any pictures of the food. I am sure I will take enough food pictures on this trip. I already know of a few types of food that I don’t want to miss on this trip.

I am looking forward to the trip, but first I have another trip to make.


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