To Israel in June II

Two years ago I wrote a post in April titled To Israel in June.

Tel Aviv Airport, Entry Hall, Trip to IsraelToday I am remembering the trip as I prepare for another trip to Israel later this month. I also spent time today with the five friends I went to Israel with two years ago.

So, I decided to share a few pictures from our trip then.

Here they are arriving at the airport in Tel Aviv. I had taken an earlier flight and met them there.

Pace at Lachish, Becky, Lilli and JerriHere are the three ladies (Becky, Jerri and Lili) on our first full day in Israel. We were at Lachish which is a site that I know well as I have spent four weeks working on an archaeological dig there.

My trip to Israel this year will also to work on an archaeological dig. The site we will be working at is close to Lachish.

Bronze Gate, Ashkelon, Archaeology

I had lunch with David and Lili today and spent the afternoon napping on their couch. Here they are at the Bronze Age gate in Ashkelon.

Beersheba water system, Tel BershevaHere Doug and Becky were chilling out in one of the cisterns at Beersheba. It was nice and cool there after walking around the tel in the sun.

Western Wall, JerusalemOutside of the dig the places that I will visit will all be in or around Jerusalem on the weekends. I am sure that we will visit the Western Wall.

Archaeological Dig, Tel Lachish, Dig, Archaeology, LachishMost of my time in Israel this June will be in a setting like this. I will be digging in the ground helping find clues to the past.

The trip is now less than three weeks away and I am starting to get ready.





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