Tonight I will share some pictures of Taraxacum or dandelions as most of us know them.

All of these pictures were taken during my trip to Jena, Germany which I am currently recovering from. I am a bit tired tonight as expected so will keep it simple.

dandelions, taraxacum, germany, puff ballsI saw a lot of dandelions on my walks to and from work each day.

dandelions, taraxacum, germany, puff ballsIt was interesting to see them change from day to day. This grouping caught my eye as it was on a bank where the trail split and was about at eye level on the lower path.

dandelions, taraxacum, germany, puff ballsThe dandelions were often among other wildflowers like these little yellow flowers.

dandelions, taraxacum, germany, puff ballsThe seed heads looked quite interesting after it rained.

dandelions, taraxacum, germany, puff ballsWe may see them just as weeds, but they have many uses and are a very important part of the food chain in the spring.

Now to see if I can get to sleep.


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1 Response to Taraxacum

  1. Melissa Schlageter says:

    I can remember as a child picking the dandelions and blowing them into the wind. 🙂

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