Weird May Weather

When I arrived home from Germany yesterday I was met by rainy weather, which is a bit weird for May here in California.

Today was more of the same, with the addition of some thunderstorms. I even received an alert on my phone that there were some funnel clouds to the north of where I was.

So, tonight I have decided to share a few pictures of this weird May weather. Since I am just a bit jet-lagged, I might wander a bit in my thoughts. 🙂

May storm, California Rain, May rain, weatherAs I was heading south out of town this morning the sky was full of clouds.

May rain, california, Interstate, On Ramp, rain cloudsTo the south you can see the rain clouds and I knew that I was going to have a wet drive.

I5 Corral, cattle pens, CaliforniaThis picture does not show the clouds very well. However, you can see that there is limited visibility as rain is falling in the distance. I always like seeing this old corral near Patterson when I am heading south on I-5.

May Storm Clouds, Raining, May RainHere you can definitely see the rain in the distance. I had just  passed through a heavy downpour and was in a clear stretch before the next line of rain clouds.

Corral Hollow, Storm Clouds, Threatening WeatherThis picture was taken as I was headed north on Corral Hollow. It was definitely raining not far ahead, but luckily the worst of it was further north than my house.

Rain is in the forecast for most of the week.

Is it really May?


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1 Response to Weird May Weather

  1. Berdyne Fultz says:

    We just left San Diego Saturday morning after five days there. Everyone said it was unusual weather for May. But only rained one day (Thursday) while there. Had our daughter and two granddaughters with us. Berdyne

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