A Foggy Walk to the Train

Today has been a long travel day, and it started with a foggy walk to the train.

fog, morning, hotel, travel, lobeda, germanyHere is the view as I headed out the door of the hotel just after six this morning.

bridge, fog, saale river, jena germanyI had a nice downhill walk to the bridge over the river. From here the walk is flat the rest of the way to the station.

fog on river, valley, travel, morningThe fog was of course a bit heavier in the valley than it had been up on the hill at the hotel.

jena germany, foggy morning, riverI took pictures in both directions as I crossed the bridge to capture the feel of the morning fog. Just imagine a chorus of birds chirping in the background, which is one of the things that I will miss on my morning commute next week.

train station fog, jena goschwitz station, train travel, germanyUsually you can see our office in this view, but it was shrouded by the fog this morning.

I had to change trains twice on the way to the airport and then a nice long flight.

It was raining when I arrived at SFO and I drove in rain all the way home. It felt like I had stepped back a few months in time as we rarely have rain in May.

Now for some sleep.



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