Friday Night in Jena

Friday night has come and that means it is time to pack for home.

river reflections, river, jena germany

Friday also meant one last walk home from work. I had a nice view of the river. There will be one more view of the river again in the morning on the way to the train station.

bee in grass, walk, Jena, Germany, insects

One more chance to get some nice pictures of nature along the way.

Jena City Church, Stadtkirche Saint Michael, Jena, Germany

One last trip to the city center for some last minute shopping and a walk by the Stadtkirche Saint Michael.

Kartoffel House, pork, potatoes, german cuisine, pinapple

Also, one last meal at The Kartoffelhaus. This is an interesting dish. It is two small pork cutlets that are topped with cheese and pineapple. The name on the menu had the word Hawaii in it 🙂

Tea Haul, Tee Geschwender, loose tea, germany

Then back to the hotel to pack. The suitcase if mostly packed except for what I will use in the morning. I bought a little bit of tea on the trip, so my carry-on bag was a challenge to pack.

Now for some sleep before getting up early for my train.


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  1. I can tell you like tea!

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