Fire near Hotel

As I stepped off the street train last night on my way back to the hotel, I noticed a bunch of flashing lights across the plaza.

Lobeda West, Fire, evacuation, fire trucks

There were also a lot of people outside the front of the building to the left. I wondered what was going on.

flat fire, student housing, jena, germany, lobeda west

The vehicles were mostly fire trucks, and I soon discovered what was going on. There had been a fire, and it had already been put out before I arrived. The firefighters were now busily packing up their equipment.

fire, lobeda west, jena germany, fire brigade

Here you see one of the trucks and a firefighter repacking equipment. Also to the right you see a man walking with a camera. He had just taken a picture, and I saw that picture on the front page of the local newspapers this morning while at breakfast.

Lobeda West, Fire, Fire Brigade, Student Flats

The fire was on the 9th floor of a building full of student flats. The two residents of the flat had tried to put out the fire themselves without success. They were later taken to the hospital for testing and observation.

The rest of the residents were able to return to their flats about an hour after the fire was put out.

flat fire, lobeda west, student housing

I continued on to my hotel which was just two blocks down the street. It was good to see this morning that there were no serious injuries in the fire.


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