Wednesday in Jena

Today was a typical work day on the road.

cloudy sky, may day, jena germany, cold day

I woke to a cold, cloudy day. After a nice breakfast I had a nice cold walk to work. The temperatures were only in the mid 30’s. Is it really May?

lunch, fish, pasta, sauce

After a long morning in the classroom it was time for an interesting lunch. This is a fish and pasta dish. On the weekly menu it was listed as salmon, but it was a white fish. Not sure where the disconnect is, but I have seen before other fish being called salmon in German. What we think of as salmon in the US is lachs in German.

Jen,a germany, lo studente, pizza, hawaiian pizzaMy course ended in the afternoon and the students scattered to the winds, heading home or off to other training courses in Munich or Oberkochen. In the evening I decided to head to a nice little Italian restaurant that I knew had good pizza.

tea choices, tea bags, grocery store

On the way back to the hotel I stopped at the grocery store for a few items. I needed to buy some chocolate for my neighbor and also a few snacks. I also discovered a nice aisle of tea. I decided that a couple unique flavors needed to come home with me.

Magnum Bar, Intense Dark, chocolate, ice cream bar

As I approached the checkout I saw a freezer full of ice cream treats and decided to try an Intense Dark Magnum bar. If you like a nice bitter dark chocolate, this is the Magnum bar for you. I really enjoyed this one.

It also makes me look forward to my trip next month to Israel where I will be enjoying a few Magnum bars on the weekends away from the dig.


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