A Rainy Saturday in Jena

Saturday was a rainy day in Jena. I had hoped that it would only rain in the morning, but the forecast changed.

rainy morning, jena, germany, hotel view, hills of germany, bridge

The view from my room when I got up was not promising. The visibility was low and everything was all wet.

However, I knew that one shop I wanted to visit closed at 1:00 so I had to get out in the rain.

rain drops, river, germany

The shop that I wanted to visit was near the Jena West train station, and I knew that the easiest way to get there was to take the train instead of the street train.

When I left the hotel the rain had stopped and there were only a few sprinkles. I decided that since I had a nice rain jacket that I would walk to the train station. This meant that I could again cross the river and take some more pictures. See: River Reflections

raindrops, leaves, walk in rain

I had plenty of time to get to the train station and since it was just sprinkling a bit I just had to take a few pictures along the way. Here is a nice picture of leaves with raindrops on them.

After a short train ride I made the short walk to the glass shop where I buy my tea cups. I made it there with just 15 minutes to spare, but was able to get the items that I wanted.

Then it was on to one of my favorite tea shops to buy some tea. I had a nice discussion about different teas and purchased a few items. I will most likely stop by again and buy more 🙂

By this time it was starting to rain so after a quick lunch of a Thüringer Rostbratwurst I headed inside of the Goethe Galerie shopping center. I did a bit of browsing in the stores before deciding it was time to get back to the hotel as the rain was starting to really come down.

Lobeda, Jena Germany, plaza, water feature

Across from the street train stop nearest the hotel is a nice plaza. I was surprised that the water fountain was operating since it had been raining. Luckily I arrived during a break in the rain and again it was just sprinkling a bit.

petunias, flower beds, rain

The flower beds along the edge of the plaza were full of petunias covered with rain drops. I plan on getting some good petunia pictures while I am here. They have a wide variety of colors and some I have not seen before.

It rained hard most of the afternoon and into the evening so I sheltered in place and did a lot of work with my computer.


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