River Reflections

Every day as I walk to work here in Germany I cross over a river. Almost every time that I cross the bridge, I also take pictures.

Jena, Germany, Bridge, pedestrian bridgeThis morning I decided to share a few of the pictures to reflect on the last two days.

The bridge is for pedestrians and bicycles only. If you want to drive from my hotel to the office, you have a long circuitous route. The street train also has a bridge with a more direct route, and it is quicker to go by street train than by car.

river, reflection, trees, water, german river

I really like to take pictures of the reflections in the water. Here is a nice reflection of some trees.

germany river, reflections, clouds, jena germany

Sometimes I get some nice reflections of the clouds. This is a very pretty view in the fall with the colorful trees.

river, rain, germany, river reflections

On Friday morning it was sprinkling when I crossed the bridge over the river. I just had to get some pictures of the raindrops in the river.

boating in germany, boats, jena, germany

On the way back to the hotel on Friday I arrived at the bridge at just the right moment as a boat full of people floated past. They were all having a good time navigating down the river.

I hope you enjoyed these river reflections.


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