Flowers along the Way

This morning I will just share some pictures that I took while walking to and from work yesterday. I will most likely take more today 🙂

tree blossoms, spring, jena, germany, flowers

Here are some pretty blossoms or flowers in a tree. The tree was full of these beautiful flowers.

wild flowers, jena, germany, spring

The grass along the path I take to work is full of wildflowers. I understand why the grass has not been mowed yet this year. They wait for the spring bloom to be over.

purple wild flowers, germany, jena

I really like these little purple flowers.

white flowers, germany, spring

There are also a lot of little white flowers around.

lavender blossoms, germany, spirng

Some of the flowers are quite delicate.

It takes longer to walk to work than usual when you have so many little things that catch your eye.


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