Another Rainy Trip to Germany

When I landed in Frankfurt this morning it was raining. This made me think of a post that I wrote last year about a Rainy Trip to Germany.

The flight was long as usual, but that meant that I was able to watch a few movies along with getting some sleep.



Mary Poppins Comes Back, P. L. Travers, Mary Shepard

One movie that I watched was Mary Poppins Returns which is partly based on some of the sequels to Mary Poppins. I do remember that Mary Poppins arriving on a kite string is from Mary Poppins Comes Back.

For more about the sequels see my post Mary Poppins.

I also watched Mortal Engines, which I thought was pretty good. Unfortunately it did not do well at the box office and the proposed sequels will most likely never be filmed.

ICE train, German trains, Frankfurt Airport station

When I arrived at Frankfurt, it was then time to head to the train station. I had the shortest wait ever at immigration. There is usually a very long line and today it was totally empty when I arrived. However, this meant that I had to wait longer at the baggage claim. You have to wait somewhere 🙂

I made it to the train station in time to catch the train I wanted. If I missed this one I would have had to wait an hour longer, make two train changes, and arrive almost two hours later in Jena.

ERfurt, ICE, German Trains, Rainy day, German train station

When I arrived in Erfurt, where I change trains, it was rainy and I had to hustle down the platform to avoid getting too wet. I was two cars further up from where I took this picture.

Jena, Goschwitz, train station, Germany

I then took a regional train on to the Jena Göschwitz station. I took this picture from my hotel room later this evening. From the train station I then caught a street train to the top of the hill. If it had been nice weather I might have walked up the hill, but didn’t want to get too wet.

Jena, Germany, Maxx, Hotel View

Here is another view from my hotel room. I get to see a nice bridge and fields of yellow in the distance.

Now for some sleep before a full slate of meetings tomorrow.


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