Rainy Trip to Germany

Today has been a long travel day to Germany. I made it safely to my hotel, but it was definitely not a perfect day of travel.

Red Rose, California, January Roses

The day started off well as I prepared to leave home. When I opened my garage door I noticed a beautiful bloom on my Mr. Lincoln rose bush and just had to take a picture. I still have a lot of beautiful roses in my rose garden, but it will soon be time for pruning.

However, when I stepped back into the garage and started my car I had a warning light come on. See my post Delays to the Airport.

Rainy Day Travel, Driving in Rain, San Mateo Bridge, Raindrops, Windshield

After a stop at the office I was finally on the way. About halfway to the airport it started to rain. Here is a picture as I was crossing the San Mateo Bridge.

Luckily there was a short lull in the rain as I dropped off my car at the parking lot so I didn’t get wet before I made it to the terminal at the airport.

Airplane Movie Choices, Disney Movies, Star Wars

Once on the plane I started to review what movies to watch on the flight. I found an interesting selection in the category Disney Movies. Since Disney now owns Star Wars it made sense, but just looks a bit out of place.

Looking at the screen shot now. I also see the movie Saving Mr. Banks. The movie is about the creator of Mary Poppins. Click on the link to see a post I wrote about her.

I did end up watching a Disney movie as I have wanted to watch Beauty and the Beast again. The new version with Emma Watson is really good.

I also watched a Chinese language movie 29 + 1. You really have to pay attention when you have to read the subtitles 🙂

Trains, Germany, Frankfurt, Rainy Day, Travel Day

I finally landed in Frankfurt and then had to pick up my luggage and figure out how to pick up my railway ticket. I am trying something a bit different this time with a combination rail/fly ticket. I finally had to use my phone to visit a website and was able to get my ticket downloaded to my phone.

Luckily I didn’t have to go outside as the train terminal is directly connected to the airport terminal. As I passed through the Frankfurt main station you can see that it was a foggy and rainy day.

Maxx Hote, Jena, Germany, Room View, Saale Valley

The weather had cleared up a bit by the time I made it to my hotel. I have a nice view from my window of the Saale River valley. I have been napping, reading and watching some TV and will now try and get a good night of sleep as I have meetings all day tomorrow.

Hopefully it won’t be raining as I walk to work tomorrow.


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