Up and Down

Where does my mind wander when I have had an up and down week? Well, maybe to elevators.

Tonight I was looking back through some April 25th pictures through the years to find inspiration and ran across an interesting one.

Elevator Sign, Up and Down, Taiwan, Elevator rulesNine years ago I was in Taiwan and saw this interesting sign in the elevator lobby of the hotel I was staying in:

Attention please:

In case you are in a hurry to go down and prevented from getting into the elevator with a full load of people leaving the restaurants on the 13th or 14th floor after a banquet or party, please trouble to press the upward button for a soonest coming elevator to take you downward by going up first. Thank you for your attention.

This sign reminds me that sometimes the shortest path is not always the easiest path. Sometimes you just need to go backwards to go forward or take a break from something and start it again at another time.

sabbath elevator sign, Hotel elevator, israel elevatorI also found one of the pictures that I have taken of Shabbat Elevator signs. These elevators are very interesting as they operate automatically so that Jews do not have to operate electrical switches to use them.

In this case, you ride the elevator all the way to the top floor and then it stops at some of the even numbered floors on the way down. If you were to stay on an odd numbered floor you would get off on the floor above and walk down the steps to your floor.

Elevator Lobby, Hotel, Shanghai, Chinese HotelAs I was thinking about elevators I also remembered this picture I took of an elevator lobby in a hotel I stayed at in Shanghai.

This picture just has a peaceful beauty.

Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, HotelsI also thought of another cool elevator picture. This is a picture of the elevators at the Marina Mandarin hotel in Singapore.

Marina Mandarin Hotel, Singapore, HotelsYou have a very nice view as you ride in the elevators. This was the view from the floor that I stayed on. The colors of the lights changed over time, so it was a quite interesting view as well.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I am ready for the weekend to arrive. Thankfully, one thing that will be going down is the temperature. We have had temps in the 90’s this week, but it will cool down this weekend.





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  1. Jessica says:

    Interesting article!

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