Yellow Rose Buds

Today has been a very long day, so will just share some pictures of yellow rose buds from my rose garden.

yellow rose bud, st. patrick rose, rose garden, springThese are not just ordinary yellow roses. These are St. Patrick roses. You can see the green tinge to the petals.

rose bud, st. patrick rose, yellow rose, green roseI have been watching for these roses to open up. They can be so slow when you are waiting for the first blossoms of the season.

yellow rose bud, st. Patrick rose, rose budsThis one is starting to open up a bit.

rose bud or rose bloom, st. patrick roseThis one is open even more. I am actually wondering when does it transition from being a rose bud to a rose bloom. Perhaps these should already be called blooms.

yellow rose bud, opening bud, St. Patrick budI checked a few dictionary definitions for rose bud and here is one that I like:

A rosebud is a young rose whose petals have not yet opened out fully.

The petals have not opened fully, so these are all still rose buds.

St. Patrick Roses, November Roses, Yellow RosesI will not keep you too much in suspense as to what the roses looks like when they are open. Here are some St. Patrick roses from the end of a past season.

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful rose buds.



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