April Roses

I know that I have had several posts about roses the past month, but I just need to post another one tonight. It has been a long week and I am tired, but more importantly the roses are so beautiful this spring after the abundant winter rains that I need to share them.

St. Patrick Rose, Green tinted rose, green roses, rosesI have been really watching my St. Patrick roses the last week as they have been the last to bloom. Here you can see a nice green tinge to the outside petals of this rose. I really like these roses.

St. Patrick rose, green yellow rose, roses, rose gardenI have been sending snaps of the roses to my sister for the past week. She was sending me snaps of her tulips opening, so she got me started. I think that she is happy now that we have a snap streak of eight days. I think our previous record was two 🙂

rose blooms and buds, st. patrick rose, green and yellow roseMy St. Patrick rose bush has many blooms and buds on it now, so it is really starting to be full of color.

floribunda rose, yellow roses, rose gardenMy yellow floribunda rose also has a lot of blooms and buds. It is also full of spent petals from the blossoms on the tree in my front yard.

Mr. Lincoln Rose bush, red roses, fragrant rosesEvery morning when I leave for work and every night when I get home I am smelling my Mister Lincoln roses.My neighbors probably think I am crazy.

These roses are very fragrant and is is well worth my time to Stop and Smell the Roses.



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1 Response to April Roses

  1. So beautiful!! Yellow roses are my personal favourite!

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