Construction Update – Footings

At the new construction site near our office things are starting to get interesting.

Zeiss Innovation Center, Parking Lot, constructionThe parking lot area is now surfaced and the construction team has moved to trailers on the site.

Foundation, footings, Zeiss Innovation Center, Dublin, CaliforniaYou can see here that they have started pouring some of the footings for the building.

Zeiss Innovation Center, Footings,Construction, Dublin, CaliforniaHere is another view down another row of footings. In this picture you can see the neighboring Whole Foods.

Also if you look very close you can see a camera mounted on the patio of the six story building in the background. Would you like to see the view from there?

Construction Cam, Zeiss Innovation Center, Dublin, CaliforniaThe construction camera went live today and it gives a wonderful view of the construction site. There is a live view and also an archive of pictures taken every 15 minutes.

Here is the link: TrueLook

This will be really nice for me when I travel as I can see what is going on from half way around the world. Of course the archive will really be nice then as during my next trip the live image will be dark during the day where I will be.

California Sunset, Dublin, Construction CamI am sure that the construction cam will also catch a lot of sunsets. The one tonight was nice, but wait until you see a spectacular California sunset when there are some clouds in the sky.

It is going to be interesting to watch this building grow.


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