2020 Olympic Stadium

While in Tokyo earlier this week I was able to visit the construction site of the New National Stadium. The stadium will be used for the opening and closing ceremony of the 2020 Olympics as well as Track & Field and other events.

Tokyo 2020, Olympic Stadium, Construction, TokyoIn my post Recover Day in Tokyo I shared this picture of the stadium. The stadium here looks pretty sterile, so I thought I would share some pictures that included things other than the stadium.

New National Stadium, Tokyo, Tokyo Olympics, 2020 OlympicsHere is a view that shows some of the cranes that are near the stadium. The construction is still ongoing and will not be complete until November.

Bicycle, Stadium, Tokyo 2020In Tokyo you see a lot of bicycles. I really liked this older bicycle and was taking just a closeup picture of it. However, my friend was taking a picture of the bike with the stadium in the background and I decided to take one too.

I am sure that during the Olympics you will not see such a quiet Sunday afternoon like this. If people ride their bicycles to the stadium they will be locked up in a designated area and places like this will be crowded with people.

Tokyo New National Stadium, Cherry blossoms, Spring in TokyoDuring the 2020 Olympics you will not see blossoms on the cherry trees around the stadium as they will take place much later in the year.

Cherry Blossoms, New National Stadium, Tokyo, 2020 Olympics in TokyoHere are some pink cherry blossoms with the stadium in the background. The trees in the area were really beautiful.

I really look forward to seeing the events that take place at the stadium next year. I always enjoy watching the Olympics, especially Track & Field.

What is your favorite event to watch?



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