Washington’s Birthday Observed

This morning in my Sunday newspaper bundle I saw ads for Presidents Day, President’s Day and Presidents’ Day. The same goes for commercials on TV, and also my different calendars.

However, one of the calendars has it right. Monday is Washington’s Birthday (observed).

For more about this see my post: President’s, Presidents’ or Presidents

So, here are a few of my wandering thoughts tonight.

President Washington, Washington's Birthday, President's Day - Marx Presidential FigureThe Uniform Monday Holiday Act of 1968 set the celebration of Washington’s Birthday on a Monday each year. However, we will get another chance to remember Washington on his actual birthday on Friday. Perhaps I will finally write that post about his service in Truro Parish.

On top of my computer I have a little Marx figurine of President Washington. He stands along with President Lincoln. They are my two favorite presidents.

Presidents Washington and Lincoln - Presidents' Day - Marx Presidential FigurinesThey are not in the best condition, especially Lincoln, but my grandma also liked these two presidents and I think she may have handled them a bit more than the others.

Marx President Figurines - Washington to Johnson - President's Day - Figurines - Grocery PromotionMy set of figurines has 35 presidents, ending with Johnson who is president number 36.

Is one missing?

George Washington, Washington's Birthday, Presidents' Day, HolidayWe should all know of course that George Washington was our first president and is know as the Father of the country.

Frank Andrea Miller Cartoon - General George Washington - Washington's Birthday - Valley ForgeHe is also well known as General Washington, the winter at Valley Forge and the crossing of the Delaware.

Cherry Orchard, Cherries, Cherry Harvest, ripe cherries, Central CaliforniaWe should also remember him when we see a cherry tree 🙂

I cannot tell a lie, he is one of my favorite presidents.


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