My Little Sister

My little sister has a birthday this week, so I thought I would find a few pictures of her to share.

Wedding, twins, wedding party, Missouri WeddingThis is not so easy as my little sister usually does not like to have her picture taken.

Here is a picture of her from her wedding two years ago. See: My Sister’s Wedding

You can see her twin daughters on the left side of this picture.

Nebraska Fan, Little sister, nebraska cornhuskers, all in redMy sister may not like it that I am posting this picture, but it is actually one of my favorite pictures of her.

I like it that she was a Nebraska Cornhusker’s fan at one time πŸ™‚

Little sister, school picture, pigtailsThis is my favorite of her school pictures. She was so cute with her pigtails.

Hidding from picture, bus, sisterHere is another picture that I found. I found a few of them where she was avoiding a picture πŸ™‚

ghost picture, picture overlay, double exposureI also found this double exposure picture. This is both my youngest brother and little sister. This picture brings back so many memories, as I know where each of them were taken.

OK, kind of a wandering post, but I have also been fighting a slow computer tonight and just need to get this posted πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday Sis!



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