Seen in the Newspaper

Sometimes I just have to save interesting clippings from the newspaper.US Map, Paid Time Off, InfographIn January I saved a clipping that included this map. Disregard the dark splotches as they are from something on the back side of the page.

Paid Family Leave, Liberal Policies Map, Mouse over newspaperThe map was with an article about which states give paid family leave and it was no surprise to me as to which states are red on the map.

Mose over, family leave, newspaper gaffe, mistakeWhat really caught my eye was the instructions that they gave with the map.

What am I supposed to scroll over the map to find out the information? I tried scrolling my eyes different ways and still could not see how much paid time off each state offered.

Perhaps the editor was on paid family leave and the millennial temp filling in for the editor didn’t understand that it is not possible to scroll with your mouse while reading the print issue 🙂



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