Turkey Trot

This post title has been wandering around in my head for a few days. Turkey Trot brings back memories of fun runs on Thanksgiving Day when I lived in Kansas City.

Turkey Trot, Wild Turkeys, turkeys runningEarlier this week I was heading out for a walk at work and saw some wild turkeys trotting through the parking lot.

Wild Turkeys, turkey trot, running turkeys, goggle gobbleThese turkeys were trotting along at a good pace and gobbling as they went along. It was actually quite funny to watch. They were definitely on a mission.

parking lot turkeys, wild turkeys, turkey trotSome of these pictures are a bit out of focus as my camera was a bit slower than they were.

Here are two of them as they passed me. A couple of them looked my way, but they were intent on where they were going.

Turkeys, Wild Turkeys, trotting turkeysIn this picture you can see that they are in motion. Look at the last turkey in the line. It has both feet off the ground as it is trying to keep up.

Turkey tails, trotting turkeys, parking lotThey were soon off in the distance and a combination of zooming in and the speed of the turkeys blurred the picture.

I see wild turkeys almost everyday at work. We have a large rafter of turkeys that have lived in the area for many years.

Tonight there were about five or six of them around the front of my car when I was getting ready to leave.  Luckily I needed to back up and not go forward 🙂


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