Election Memories IV

I have written several Election Memories, II, III posts in the past, so thought I would add to the series tonight.

Polling Place, Election Day, American Flag, Poll TimeI started my day by stopping at the polls to vote this morning. I wanted to make sure that I did not have any delays getting home from work and miss voting.

I was number four in line and quickly filled out my ballot and headed to work.

Old Voting Machine - Goldwater - Johnson - Presidential ElectionOf course, today we use paper ballots here in California, but I thought of this really cool voting machine that I saw in a museum in Indiana. It made me think of going with my parents to go vote when I was just a little boy.

We walked down to the local Junior High school to vote. I also remember times when I was a bit older where we stayed at home while my parents walked to the school to vote. I just remember asking them if they voted for Jimmy Carter since he was a peanut farmer and I liked peanut butter. An interesting random memory šŸ™‚

Wapello County Court House, Ottumwa, Iowa - Chief Wapello - Statue - Native American StatueI remember going with my Dad one year to the courthouse to watch the election returns. That was the year that my Dad ran for mayor of Ottumwa, Iowa. He did not win, but I remember a lot of things about the campaign, including helping paint sign boards for our old blue truck.

Left or Right - Vote RightMy Dad was a member of the American Independent Party and ran for State Representative and later State Senator in Iowa in the late 60’s. He didn’t win, but did help bring awareness to some of the issues. He was also a Presidential Elector in 1972 for John G. Schmitz.

Today I still believe in many of the values of the American Independent Party, especially the principle that government’s powers must be carefully divided and limited.

Election Stickers, I voted, primary election, electionsJust now I added another sticker to the collection on my bedroom mirror. We need to make sure that our voice is heard during each election.

As I write this I am also thinking of a friend who is running for a State House seat in Iowa. I will have to find out tomorrow whether she won or not.

Now to decide whether to stay up and wait for some election results or get some sleep.



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