Election Memories II

Tonight I have had a lot of Election Memories.

The coverage of the Iowa returns has especially brought back memories as that is where my first memories of voting come from.

Old Voting Machine - Goldwater - Johnson - Presidential ElectionOne of my earliest memories is walking down to Evans Junior High School in Ottumwa with my parents and standing in the voting booth while they voted. I remember them using a voting machine similar to what is in the picture above.

For more about this voting machine, look at my post: Old Voting Machine

Eric Braman - CandidateAnother memory from Iowa is my Dad running for different offices on the American Independent Party ticket. He was even a Presidential Elector Candidate one year. He also ran for mayor of Ottumwa.

Wapello County Court House, Ottumwa, Iowa - Chief Wapello - Statue - Native American StatueI also remember going with my Dad one election night to the Ottumwa Court House to see the election results come in. I remember them writing the results on a chalk board.

For those of my readers who have ties to Ottumwa, I am sure you have memories of driving past and seeing Chief Wapello on top of the building.

Click on Chief Wapello to learn more about him.

I remember helping my Dad make campaign material and even going with him to record a radio spot.

Later I remember staying up with my parents listening to the election results when we lived in Kansas.

I even worked on a couple of campaigns, but those stories will have to wait for another time. Although I did hear an interview today with a former governor of Kansas, whose inauguration I went to many years ago after helping campaign for him.

I Voted Sticker, Vote Sticker, Flag StickerToday, I voted.

The pictures above and below are from my Primary Election Day post.

Election Stickers, I voted, primary election, electionsI added another sticker to my collection today.

This evening I have been watching the election returns while making a nice dinner and doing a bit of reading.

I am always intrigued by the maps and statistics that they use to determine when to call an election. There have been some interesting explanations of how candidates have won.

Now to see how the last few races end up, including my congressional district.

Did you vote?



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4 Responses to Election Memories II

  1. Glenda McDougal says:

    No, my husband and family did.

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