Sometimes you just have a neighbor that frustrates you.

I am getting really frustrated with one of mine that is renting the house next door.

No water, shut off sprinklers, renters, dead lawnOne thing that frustrates me is that they have turned off the sprinklers and irrigation system and are letting the yard, bushes and trees all die. This is also affecting my yard as the only water the tree gets is from mine.

You can also see that trash is accumulating in the yard.

Dead yard, brown lawn, weeds, no wateringHere you can see that the lawn has been cleaned up a bit. However, the grass is even browner than before. There are less tall weeds, but that is only because while trimming my lawn I knocked them down.

Parking in lawn, dead lawn, rentersNow they are even occasionally parking in the front lawn overnight. Unseen here are two cars in the driveway.

Parking on sidewalk, blocking sidewalkHere is the latest frustration. I can understand blocking the sidewalk a little by not pulling all the way up in the driveway, which is also a common occurrence. However, fully blocking the sidewalk like this is a bit ridiculous.

OK, I feel better now that I have ranted a bit 🙂

Luckily, my new neighbors on the other side have been very nice. They have asked politely if they can park in front of my house and they even mowed my front lawn last week when they mowed theirs.


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